Pet Boarding in Brandon & Flowood, MS

Vacations provide the rare opportunity to take a break from work and the daily grind and surround yourself with a restorative change of scenery. To truly leave your worries behind and recharge, you need complete confidence that your loved ones are taken care of, including pets if they must stay behind. Pet owners in the Brandon/Flowood area can rest assured that loving and well-trained staff will care for their dog or cat when they take advantage of pet boarding at Dogwood Animal Hospital and Pet Resort. Our facility combines comfortable, safe housing for animals with the availability of a full-service veterinarian so that everything your pet could need is ready on the spot.

Pet Boarding Services

When you leave for vacation and bring your dog or cat to our boarding facility, we will welcome them in and show them to a cozy bed with fleece blankets and a spacious fenced-in yard they’ll use for daily exercise and fresh air. Our attentive and professional staff maintain meticulous check-in and exit records and ensure the security of the grounds at all times. We serve our furry guests Purina Premium pet food and give daily treats for a little extra bright spot in their day, and pet parents can trust that we’ll make sure pets get their medications.

We also keep in mind that pets love routine, familiarity, and being around their owners. Going to sleep in a strange place might be upsetting for some pets. Our sleeping quarters come complete with diffusers for a relaxing atmosphere and nightlights for the skittish. We have thought of all the extra touches to make our boarding resort your pet’s home away from home. Additionally, you can purchase specialized treatment including one-on-one playtime, baths, nail trims, and ear cleaning.

Benefits of an On-Site Animal Hospital

One main worry when planning a vacation is the possibility that your pet might become ill or have an accident while you’re away and you won’t be there to keep them calm and get them the treatment they need. Our staff has years of experience standing in when loving pet owners are not available. Should an emergency arise, we will assess the situation and provide the necessary treatment. Our veterinary services include dermatology, dental care, diagnostics like x-rays, emergency care, and surgery.

Veterinarian in the Brandon/Flowood area

When taking advantage of pet boarding services at Dogwood Animal Hospital & Pet Resort, you can rest assured that your pet is in loving and capable hands. Our veterinarian is always within reach should an emergency arise. For more information on pet boarding or to schedule your pet’s stay, call us at (601) 992-9555.