Keeping Your Pet’s Coat Healthy During the Warmer Months

A warm summer can be hard on some pets. While many cats, dogs, and other animals love warm weather, some do better with cool or cold weather. Even animals that thrive in warm weather may need a bit of help keeping their coats clean and in good shape. If you have questions about grooming your pet in warm weather, visit Dogwood Animal Hospital & Pet Resort to speak with our veterinarian in Brandon.

Caring for Your Pet in Warm Weather

If you are thinking about cutting your pet’s hair once it’s warm outside, you need to speak to a veterinarian first. The fur many pets have provides sun protection and helps them cool off. That thick, bushy fur coat could actually make it easier for your pet to stay cool. If you cut your pet’s fur, you may reduce the protection from the sun and make it easier for your pets to overheat.

Regular brushing and grooming, however, is vital and will help remove excess hair without damaging the coat or reducing sun protection. You can make it easier for your pet to cool off while reducing the risk of temporary or permanent damage. It also helps to make sure your pet enjoys a healthy diet and has access to plenty of water. Not only will this help your pet stay cool and healthy, but a proper diet will also benefit your pet’s fur coat.

Pet Dermatological Services

Brushing and grooming will remove pollen and other potential irritants. Just like humans, many pets suffer from allergies during the summer, spring, and fall. This often results in skin issues. Did you know that veterinarians also act as pet dermatologists?

Many veterinarians have experience and education working with pet skin issues. If your pet is suffering from rashes, sunburns, hives, or anything else, it is wise to speak with a vet about caring for your pet’s skin. It is important to figure out the cause of your pet’s skin issues to avoid further discomfort.

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